About Us


Meet Amanda.

She’s a Western PA native and graduate of the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh where she received her degree as a Chef of Savory Foods in 2001. Although her formal education provided a focus on savory foods, Amanda found herself apprenticing with a chocolatier who owned a small gourmet chocolate shop in the South a few years after graduation. She spent 5 years learning and perfecting the skills and techniques of French confectionery before life’s twists and turns brought her back to the Pittsburgh area. She finally settled into the vibrant Southside neighborhood with her husband Ibrehim and her son Gavin, and opened Le Petit Chocolat, which is French for “The Little Chocolate”. She and Ibrehim spend their days crafting exquisite gourmet chocolats and baking irresistible filled cupcakes for the good people of Pittsburgh, and their nights hanging out with Gavin.


Do you have gluten free products?
Yes. All of are chocolates are gluten free with the exception of cookie truffle crisp.

Do you ship your products?
Yes. We can ship our chocolates anywhere within the country.

Do you offer Delivery?
All of our chocolates, cupcakes, and pastries are available for delivery within a ten mile radius of the city. Delivery fees may apply.

What type of coffee do you serve?
We proudly use La Prima Espresso in all of our coffee products.

Do you offer customized products?
Yes! We can customize our gourmet chocolates or cupcakes to match your favorite flavor combinations or any color schemes for your event.

Do you make cakes?
We do not make cakes, but we can create cupcakes displays in a variety of designs.